I want to make sure I get a chance to do all these things with Capy before I die ;

-Grow older with Capy
-Marry him
-Make him proud
-Make cupcakes with him
-Have an entire day with him
-Do a photo shoot with him, he'll bring his eos baby
-Make sticker photo with him at Sunway nor OU
-Have a candle light dinner
-Watch movies
-Shop till we drop
-Go to theme park, Genting Highland would be nice
-Go to somewhere cold and breezy such as roses garden and such
-Watch KLWMBC or MWBC if he want too
-On his birthday, I want to spend all day with him
-Watch sunset with him
-Go to a beach
-Play bowling :P
-Beat him on air hockey at any arcade
-To die in his arms :)

I really hope I can do all this before my last breath come ♥

hello blogspot.

Yaw, its been a while since I log on to my blogspot acc. Im too busy with studies and band :)
So, life so far is hard veryyy hard. Currently , Im on my exam week now , so far so good anddd tday I get a chnce to meet him whom I miss a lot :')

My Soulmate :)


mari undiiii

SOX DRUM07 send to 33396


It Touches Me Real Bad

yaw. don't know why Im in the mood to type. So yes, you're the lucky one since you're reading my blog. lol. Life is getting better and better and down and up and down again. Yes Its more than complicated. Right now, Im reading a book titled; The Ways To Live Forever. Damn it touches me real bad tho ! Its about a kid who's fighting for leukemia and *tears* heh. Actually, not this I want to tell you dudes about, but what Im trying to show here is about how my life is now. Adventurous ? naahh~ far from my dictionary for this time. Sad ? not at all ! In facts Im happy now. Am I ? I DONT KNOW ! what's the word that suites me now. Hopeless ? Nope. Bored ? na-ah. Weird ? BINGO ! my life is currently: weird . YES it is very very weird. Last Tuesday I dreamed that a very good friend of mine come to my house and act very normal like playing with my pc, watch movie and karaoke-ing like my other Frankie girls would do but HE'S A GUY ! wtf aite ? then today I normally look at his face and suddenly my heart was like pounds like hell then I felt like crying. They look alike. Very Much. See ? Its getting weird-er and weird-er. And for sure Al-Fatihah to Aminulrasyid, I got a chance to see him this year at a restaurant he barely remember me. But I got a chanceto glanced a smile at him .With him, I only have good and very funny moments, sure gonna miss him :(( Today, I have band practice. BIG HORAYYY at 4p.m, then it turns to a big BOO im expecting more since the day I get out from that darn hospital. -.- I Miss Capy. Yeah very much ! haihhh but big events coming :DDD and in fact its double the big events ! ho yeah ! S.O.X , may SSAAS wins ! and duh~ PMR is getting near-er I still think I need a lot to catch up fuh~ I think I can do it Insyaallah. Sorry readers my post this time is very weird. This is how my life now. Seriously its ding dang weird. Im weird now. Seriously. Dem what am I writing ? gah. I named my clarinet ! I want to call her Clara or Stella idk why. She's been through a lot with me. I have to finish that book ! It is reaching to its point now. Its a good book dem! and nowadays I hear a lot of his whines and sighs. He's a very strong dude. He'll do anything for something he's passionate for. What a great guy. I myself think of buying the book about something he likes. But I remember he doesn't love to read. Okay I have to stop now. Before I start babbling about my cats. Toodles.

P/S: Believe me this post contain more people than you think. Think twice it might be you.

Syaz S.


ths pst few days I've suffered frm dengue fever so Ive spend abt four days in KPJ Healthcare or used to be knwn as SMC. Days at the hospital ? One word SUCKS. Its f bored and lame -.- Seriously I cant be me at the Hosp. I just hve to sit quietly and be miss goody girl . wtf . But nw Im freeeee~ I hve another big plan to come out with. I have to plan . PLAAAANNNNN !
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never misses u ths much ♥
right now, all i want to do is hold your hand and look you directly in the eyes :'(
at night , at day even everytime ,
he'll be there.
He's the shoulder for me to cry on.
no more she in my dictionary.

You can't said that Im forgetting you,
but should I remember someone that I've known longer but never understands me ?

Its like bringing back memories.

The time when me and you and you too
laughing and do everything
are the best.

But there's no more
since the new flower has grow.
never realize , i am not the tiger but a cat instead
but she is the tiger and surely i can't be one
since she is everything .
i'll keep it in that box far from this light.
i still got feelings but its a waste.
i still got talents but their eyes are blinded for it.
my eyes still can work on tears.
but no pail are ready.
i try my best and see how far can i go.
since the only thing i know
is the best thing she's at.