Most Disguting Post Ever.

The picture above shows two girls that are the most annoying
but to me they are the one who understand me the most.

They maybe can make me feels like punching them in the face but at the same time, they been there for me and respect my whatever decision

They didn't ask for money, they didn't make my home as their playground and they too didn't steal my bestfriends.

They are kinda close to my boyfie but wth they didn't kecoh !

They know what I've been through especially Miera, Damn ! what a lot we have been through !
So do Thish she always accompany me whenever I need a friend.

They are the real one , they know how many tears I have shed , they are life savers
and they make me know that this world still need me in it

I believe only them who read this post :)


  1. awwww :') but the title still buat aku -.-" oh and yeah you're right, we had been through a lot of stuffs together (this is corn-ish) but whatever, i love you syaz :P

  2. kau saja je nk buat aku nangis dohh :') I LAF YU SYAZIYAH SHARIF !